Should I go or Should I stay?

LittleBird...... Helping Abuse Victims Fly Through The Chaos


You have just broken through the fog and confusion and realize that he is abusive and it is not your fault. The question looms. Should you leave or should you stay?

There is so much to consider when deciding what to do about an abusive relationship. Your entire life balances on this choice. Everything about your life will change if you go. And, conversely, everything about your life will probably stay the same if you stay but which one is acceptable and which one is best? Only you can choose and no matter what you choose you will have good reasons for that choice.

Some will choose to stay for many reasons. You may have concerns about where you would go, where you would live and how you make money. One of the first things an abuser will do is isolate a victim from her family and friends. They will often move her…

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