It’s an ongoing lesson for me this week. I need to take care of myself. If I don’t take time out, to refresh, meditate, or do things that improve how I feel about myself, my entire family suffers.

I got the big stuff and felt God lifting me up this week. I was fortunate to be considered as a model for a beauty school and was able to get my hair cut and coloured for an exceedingly reasonable price! Then, I attended a self-care meeting tonight where I got a home manicure and a huge gift of items for personal self-care. As my evening drew to a close, I received a phone call regarding a fabulous Christmas present for my oldest child, and I’ve been really struggling about this decision!

Now, I need to remember that going to bed is also self-care, that eating healthy and exercising are self-care. My new year “resolution” is going to be an exercise in taking care of myself this year.


When we take care of ourselves, we are better able to take care of others.

What are you doing to take care of yourself amidst the struggles and stresses of your life? Do you have a plan for it, or does it just happen when the opportunity arises?

If my physical self is worn down, exhausted, out of shape, or starved of the proper foods, then my mental, emotional and spiritual self will also be worn down and exhausted. It’s a lesson I’m learning.

It’s not enough to walk away from abuse. We also need to start recognizing our personal value and worth, to start treating ourselves as valued. You are valued. You are worthy. It doesn’t matter how worn out you are, how emotionally beaten up you’ve been… You can heal. You can be renewed. Start with the little things, take care of yourself! Do what you know you need to keep moving forward, never give up hope – especially of yourself!



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