A Victims Christmas List

As we step into Christmas eve, this is powerful and so very true! Wishing you peace this Christmas and that the things on this list are true for you all through the year.

LittleBird...... Helping Abuse Victims Fly Through The Chaos

Ask anyone what they want for Christmas and you’ll hear all sorts of lovely requests for toys, clothes, food and such sundry. This Christmas Eve, I am thinking about all my sister victims, the ones who aren’t ‘out’ yet and the real Christmas lists they are longing for.

Dear Someone:

A Hug

A little hug.

A gentle touch from someone who doesn’t require anything back from me. A hug that doesn’t make me flinch in protection. A hug that is full of love.


A little bit of Peace.

Peace in my home. No more tension in the air. A peace that isn’t scary in its silence but exciting in it predictability.


A little bit of quiet.

A break from the yelling. A break from the fighting. A pause for just one day that doesn’t make me shrink in fear of what will happen next.


A little bit…

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