Why we don’t ask for help

Yes. This is an excellent description of “Why” it’s hard to ask for help. It can be very hard for someone who has not experienced abuse to understand all the little nuances that follow us into “normal” relationships.


I am a trauma survivor. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage for 15 years. As a result I live with PTSD and anxiety. One of the common side effects of what I’ve been through is that I don’t ask for help when I need it. This is especially when I’m feeling sick.

I’m visiting some friends in a foreign country. Today, I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I might have had a small histamine reaction, although I don’t normally have food allergies. (That being said, what happened to me today could have easily been a panic attack). My throat felt tight and I had difficulty breathing. I decided this must have been something that I ate, and I thought about taking a Benadryl. I didn’t want to take one, because I didn’t want to fall asleep and be an ungrateful guest. In fact, I didn’t want to…

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