One Lovely Blog Award

So, there are awards out there for bloggers… Who knew? I write because I feel I have a message to share, and because it helps me too. Thanks for letting me know it’s helping you too!

1 lovely blogger award

I’m late in acknowledging this award – recovering from surgery is a weird process and I haven’t done much in the last 6-8 weeks, but am finally saying thank you to Taffy at Little Bird Flies for the nomination! Your blog inspires me and I’m so proud of you for writing on the hard issues. Abuse and domestic violence are difficult topics to tackle and you do it with grace and clarity.

Along with this award comes some responsibility, so here are the rules:

lovely blogger award

Seven facts about me are:being mom.jpg

1.  I love being a mom. It’s all I ever really wanted to be. When my oldest was a year old, I felt God calling me to be the one who raised my children. God told me He had given them to me, not to someone else and daycare was not their path. I never wanted to be a single mom, but that’s sometimes how life goes.  I’d rather be a single parent than struggle to jointly parent in an abusive home. I am also a homeschool parent. My children have special needs and learning disorders and thrive in the home school environment. I love knowing my children and being able to spend every day with them, seeing every milestone and helping them explore their world. I’ve never lost sight of God’s call on my motherhood and, even though I’ve questioned it sometimes, He always affirms it and makes the way possible.

2.  I’m a bit of a daredevil… I’m the mom that goes on all the rides at the amusement park (except that swinging boat — I draw the line somewhere!) I’ll try almost anything once. 😀 One day I want to try sky diving! I’m not, however, very athletic… I’ve torn the ligaments in both my ankles running onto a sidewalk… or is that missing the sidewalk? There’s a possibility I’ve broken a bone, but no one’s really sure if it was a break or just a bad sprain. It doesn’t slow me down too much. Soft tissue injuries are my specialty… I think I need a new one!


3.  Music is at the heart of my soul. I love music. I’m a singer, and have even written a few songs. One day I dream about releasing an album, but for now I sing for special events and for my own enjoyment. Sadly, my sons don’t appreciate my singing, but they suffer through it anyway! I combine my concert with a talk my family’s story through domestic violence, how it has affected us and how I’ve survived and risen above it. Yes, I am available for bookings.

4.  I have a Metis ancestry. That means that my great-great-great grandfather was Cree and married a French woman. In Canada, it also means he had to be gifted a plot of land as part of the Metis settlements after the Louis Real Rebellion. One of my cousins discovered the documentation a few years back and now my dad’s side of the family legally qualifies for Metis status. I’ve always been proud to be a true descendant of Canada. My other heritage is English, with my maternal great-grandfather coming to Canada when he was just 2 years old.

I want to see the world5.  I love to travel. I have always dreamed of seeing the world, but in the meantime I have traveled coast to coast in Canada and extensively through the United States. I attended University in Tennessee and traveled much of the Southern States with friends and choir tours while there. I’ve even been to Mardi Gras and was robbed in Texas. I’ve driven across the country from Western Canada to Tennessee and back to Central Canada. I love going to Spokane and have been to Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. I have never been to Disney or California or Hawaii, yet. One day I will tour Europe and Australia.

6.  I am best friends with my ex-boyfriends sister. He was my first boyfriend when I was 16. Almost 30 years later, I’m still best friends with his sister. What can I say, he had a great family… 😀

When I've had too much reality i open a book7.  I am a voracious reader. I can lose myself in a book and come out the other side feeling like I’ve lived the story and have made new friends. When I was younger books were my escape from my reality, there were heroes I could imagine riding to my rescue, there were heroes who rose above their circumstances. They inspired me. They encouraged me to be more, to become more, to persevere, to stand strong. Books show the heroes among us, whether it is in the imagination of a fiction writer, or someone’s true story. I can still lose myself in a book. It’s hard to put the book down, to stop in the middle of the story, I want to know not only how it ends but also how it proceeds. Maybe that’s why I tell my story. I want to influence others as much as I have been influenced by others.

nominees are

These are blogs that I enjoy reading. ones I seek out and browse through. All have spoken to my heart and bear a message that needs to be told. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with the world! I won’t nominate Little Bird Flies again, but she’d be on the list if she hadn’t nominated me!

  1. Creativity and Cats
  2. Dare Boldly
  3. summerSHINES
  4. AutismMama
  5. Jay Colby
  6. How I Lost My Chains
  7. After Narcissistic Abuse
  8. Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman
  9. Winkingbees
  10. Dorky Glasses
  11. Beauty Beyond Bones
  12. Happiness in a Vacuum
  13. An Anonymous Escape From Life
  14. Confessions of a Survivor
  15. Thriving Under Pressure

Thanks for reading!

Thank You For Being a Friend!
Andrew Gold


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