Second Chances?

When I left my abusive marriage, it was strongly recommended I give him a second chance. Of course, over the course of our marriage, there were many second chances. Those chances, those attempts to save the marriage, the desperate pleas were unseen by others outside the relationship. I didn't share with people how things truly…Read more Second Chances?


Maybe … We Need a Different View

I never expected this picture to be a source of conflict, yet that's exactly what it became on a friend's Facebook page. People were decrying her for posting it saying "This seems like a very bad way to portray all men" and ¬†"it doesn't make sense" and just in general criticizing with the impression that…Read more Maybe … We Need a Different View

It’s All About Control

Where did we get the idea that it was acceptable to control another human being? There are times when we are responsible to control the behavior of others. That's one of the things laws are for. There must be boundaries¬†and restrictions on behavior in order for society to function well, but somehow, somewhere it has…Read more It’s All About Control

Social Failure

I invite you to read this article (it will open in a new window) before continuing to read today's blog. Why do we coddle violent, abusive men? We see it in the news all the time. We see it in our friends, neighbors, family and communities. Someone is revealed as an abuser. Someone is exposed…Read more Social Failure

He Said / She Said

One of the reasons it is difficult to break the silence is because of the lies an abuser spreads regarding their partner. While the campaign to malign your character begins long before the relationship ends, the abuser also continues it long afterwards and will work extra hard to convince professionals and your community that you…Read more He Said / She Said