Second Chances?

When I left my abusive marriage, it was strongly recommended I give him a second chance. Of course, over the course of our marriage, there were many second chances. Those chances, those attempts to save the marriage, the desperate pleas were unseen by others outside the relationship. I didn't share with people how things truly…Read more Second Chances?


Saving Abusive Marriage?

This post is about what I think about saving, or even trying to save an abusive marriage. It's my opinion. My perspective. Make of it what you will. Can an abusive marriage be saved? I've heard it can happen. I think it's possible IF the following happen: The abuse is recognized in the beginning of…Read more Saving Abusive Marriage?

Consequences and Accountability

Today's post might be a bit of a rant, but it's what's on my mind, so I hope you bear with me... and I welcome courteous conversation if you want to comment. I talk a lot about the effects of abuse. I've talked about forgiveness, moving on and I've talked a bit about never going…Read more Consequences and Accountability

Gradual Destruction

Self-esteem is a dangerous thing to lose. When our self-esteem is low, it affects every relationship we are in. It affects intimate partner relationships, friendships, child-parent relationships, business relationships ... and impacts our ability to build new relationships. When something happens, in life or in relationship, our self-esteem helps define how we react to it.…Read more Gradual Destruction

Cognitive Dissonance

I came across a post recently at Give Her Wings regarding Cognitive Dissonance (please read it!) and it started me thinking. It struck home for me. I still wonder if there were things I could have done, things I could still do, to help him be a better man, to help him be a better father, to…Read more Cognitive Dissonance

Actions Speak Loudest

When an abuser is in the honeymoon stage of the abuse cycle, their words are perfect. For some abusers, their words are perfect even when they are in the abuse cycle. An abuser has appearing to be a loving person mastered, it's an art form. Many abusers can insult and compliment their victim in the…Read more Actions Speak Loudest

Re-Blog: I Can Fix My Abusive Relationship — THE DAILY KICKSTAND

No abuse is ok in a relationship, period! Since I started writing The Daily Kickstand, people have emailed me, approached me in person, and I even got a phone call one time asking for my advice on how to save their relationship with someone who was abusive. What?! Unfortunately, yes this really happens. It can…Read more Re-Blog: I Can Fix My Abusive Relationship — THE DAILY KICKSTAND