The Challenge of November..

November is a challenging month for me. It's the month of birthdays, birthdays should be celebrations, but instead, for me, they give me a pause for grief. Instead of celebrating my sister's 50 years of life, I'm marking almost 14 years of her murder. Instead of celebrating 44 years of my brother's life, I'm marking…Read more The Challenge of November..

When doing nothing is not the answer.

She’s taking about hot cars, but it applies everywhere. When we see something wrong going on, we have to speak up, to do something.

Dare Boldly

An older man and woman are standing in the parking lot, just next to my car when I come out of the grocery store. I hear a dog barking and the woman say, “What should we do? It’s so hot out and the car is all locked up.”

“Is there a dog locked in a car?” I ask as I stop beside them. I’m thinking that is where the barking is coming from.

“Not a dog,” the woman responds, pointing to a red car parked next to the empty stall in which they’re standing. “A senior.”

And I look at the car she’s pointed to and see an older man, head resting on his chest, sitting by himself in a closed up car.

“Is the engine running?” I ask.

“No,” she replies. “And it’s so hot.”

“Why don’t I knock on the window and make sure he’s okay,” I suggest…

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Were We Created to Marry Young?

Well.... how young are you thinking? 20? 25? 16? 18? 13? I read an article (which horrified me in it's incorrect assumptions and conclusions, so I'm not linking it) recently that concluded marriage at 16 was a good thing, to be encouraged. They said there is nothing wrong with sex at 16 if you were…Read more Were We Created to Marry Young?

Domestic Abuse…Where is the Church?

The church, often recommends second chances to save a marriage, when we need a chance to save a life.

Little Bird Flies

The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that time was 11,766. That’s nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war.

Where is the Church?

The link between mass murders in the US; 54% of shooters have a history of violence The-statistics-showagainst women. (every town for gun safety)

Where is the Church?

Victims are 4x more likely to reach out to faith based groups for help…less then 1% will actually find appropriate help there. (Tracey Forrest)

Where is the Church?

Women is abusive relationships and who are actively religious stay, on average, 2-4 more years in the relationship. (Horton, Wilkins and Write, Women who ended abuse)

Where is the Church?

99% of Domestic Abuse involves financial abuse and is the number one reason why women do…

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Just Stop It

This is not the normal post, it's not (specifically) about domestic violence, but I want to give one piece of advice to all parents out there --- Stop judging yourself so harshly. Stop setting your expectations so high that they are impossible to reach. Stop believing you have to be perfect at everything you attempt. Stop…Read more Just Stop It