Abusive Degradation

Wise words! There is nothing worse than the constant degradation of spirit spewed by abusers. Words Hurt.

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“You will never be able to survive without me.”

“You are going to bankrupt this family.”

“Would you like to go sit in the car? Continue talking like this and you can go sit in the car.”

“What are you, stupid?”

“Now that you have a job, you will need to pay the bills. I can’t support you if you are working. Here’s a list of everything you owe the family.”

“you’re so ugly, nobody will ever want to sleep with you. You better stay with me; no one else will want you.”

“You’re more of a man then I am”

“Take off all your clothes now. I want sex. RIGHT NOW WOMAN!”

“Who’d you sleep with now?”

“You are so fat!” or “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” when she was bending over while pregnant

“Everyone’s gonna think I’m having dinner with a street walker.”

“You can do NOTHING”

“I met a…

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Inspired by Women

Today is International Women's Day and my best friend posed the question: "Who is your female hero?" It's a good question. Who do we admire? Who inspires us? How many women along our path have given us hope, encouragement and strength on our journey? I'll be honest... my initial response was "you". My best friend inspires…Read more Inspired by Women

Importance of Affirmation

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Abuse and Suicide

Abuse and suicide are extremely intertwined. There are many ways suicide appears in an abusive relationship, but here are a few I have identified: Threats from the abuser that they "can't live without you" -- implied (or stated) that they will kill themselves if you leave. My ex frequently threatened to commit suicide if I…Read more Abuse and Suicide