An Anxious Christmas

I've been filled with anxiety lately. There are so many reasons I could be, and even should be, anxious. Finances, children, new diagnosis, Christmas, friendships, family, Christmas, weather .... I don't like having anxiety. It annoys me. As my anxiety rises, I feel like I'm failing at everything: housekeeping, parenting, personal goals, finances, friendships. I…Read more An Anxious Christmas


Some days ….

Today was a challenging day. It's been 7 years since my separation and I am trying to get the divorce finalized... to be finally, fully, legally free from him. Today we had a mediation meeting at court. Basically we need to settle the financial (child support) portion before we can finalize the divorce. It didn't go…Read more Some days ….

Anxiety out of … nothing

My child is sick... it's just a common, every day illness - sore throat, fever. It's causing crankiness, irritability, exhaustion and whining. My anxiety rises. They are supposed to go to their father's for an overnight visit tomorrow, and already he has made comments about the sickness. "Oh no, it's our overnight visit this weekend".…Read more Anxiety out of … nothing