Storm in the Calm

I'm sitting in my living room. The world outside is calm, cold and snowing. It's calm because the city is 75% shutdown because of Covid-19. There's nothing to do, and nowhere to go. It's a time when we can rest, reset our lives, take time for self-care, an emotional breather. Except... my emotional breather is…Read more Storm in the Calm

Blame Mentality

What is the difference between actually being a victim, or someone who is exhibiting a victim mentality? Victim Mentality says "I am a victim of life". A true victim says "I am a victim of a (set of) circumstance(s)". One is "playing victim", the other is actually a victim. We need to be able to…Read more Blame Mentality

Christmas is Coming

For many who live with domestic violence, Christmas becomes an exercise in walking on eggshells. The holidays are an added stress, focus is turned away from the abuser, social expectations are high, happiness is expected and the abuser has to put his (or her) mask firmly in place. This means that when the mask can…Read more Christmas is Coming